According to a new study, the risk of death for anyone contracting COVID-19 increases within two years of infection as cases rise across the country.

Experts urgently warn anyone infected with Covid within the last two years of the deadly outcome.

A new study shows that the risk of anyone infected with the virus dying increases within two years of infection. Since the pandemic, most Britons have already had Covid, with many being infected more than once.

The mass introduction of the vaccine in the U.K. has given many Britons some protection against the virus, but now scientists from the U.S. are warning that the risk of death for those who have had the virus is higher than for those who have not. The new study, published in Nature Medicine, found that people hospitalized with the virus were more likely to die as early as two years after infection.

The same group also had a higher risk of severe health problems such as lung disease and diabetes, as well as general fatigue or prolonged covid. According to the study, the risk of death decreases two years after infection.

For patients who were not hospitalized because of the killer virus, it takes just six months for the risk of death to cease to be significant, they added. But that doesn’t mean they are spared some very unpleasant side effects. They may still be at risk of more than 20 diseases, such as cardiovascular and blood clotting problems, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, and kidney disease.

According to study author Dr. Ziyad Al-Ali, an epidemiologist at the University of Washington, “A lot of people think, ‘I don’t know what to do? ‘ A lot of people think, ‘I got Covida, I dealt with it, and I’m fine.’ You may have forgotten about Covid …’ but Covid did it.” not to forget about you. Covid continues to wreak havoc in your body.”

As part of the study, researchers examined the medical records of nearly 140,000 U.S. veterans diagnosed with COVID-19 in the early days of the pandemic. They compared their health data to a control group of almost six million people who were not known to be infected. However, the study also emphasizes that most veterans are male and older.

This study comes when a new variant of the COVID-19 virus is causing an increase in cases. BA2.86 is a new Omicron strain that emerged shortly after EG5.1, or the “Eris” variant. According to the U.K. Public Health Service, Eris now accounts for about 15% of all cases in the U.K. Between Aug. 6 and Aug. 12, positive tests were confirmed in 6,289 people in England.

This is a 17.4% increase on the previous seven days. The reason for this sharp rise in cases, according to experts, could have been the bad weather in July, which forced people to gather in enclosed spaces without ventilation to ensure safety.